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Do I have to fill in the column of E-mail address of form 1 of Application form?

Admissions Office may send e-mail to applicants about Entrance Examination. Please fill in the address except Hotmail, MSN and mobile phone, because we cannot send messages to those e-mail accounts. Especially,overseas applicants need to fill clearly and correctly as we notice the result of examination by e-mail.

It is difficult to remit foreign currency abroad. How do I remit the application fee?

You can pay the application fee in your country's currency. Please convert 7,000 Japanese yen(overseas application, including the lifting charge) into your country's currency and remit it. If your local financial institution charges an additional handling fee, please pay it separately at that end.

Is IPS planning to hold a school presentation for prospective applicants?
We hold Open Campus several times a year. Please refer to the top page of our Website for the schedule and information about participation.
Would it be possible to register for specific subjects as a part-time student?
IPS has an auditing service for non-degree students. Non-degree students can register for up to 10 basic subjects (20 credits) for one semester. The limit on the number of enrollment years is one year. However, Master's or other degrees cannot be earned on that basis. Moreover, it takes a considerable number of acquired credits to receive a visa as a non-degree student. For further details, please contact the IPS Admissions Office.
Are there any places of examination other than Kitakyushu?
Yes, besides Kitakyushu, examinations are scheduled to be held at the Nishiwaseda campus of Waseda University in Tokyo.
Is it possible to apply twice or more in one year?
Yes, multiple applications are acceptable.
Are past examination questions made public?
No, they are not made public.
Is there any disadvantage in choosing AO application or General application?
No, there is not.
I cannot find anyone appropriate to write a letter of recommendation (recommendation application) for me. What should I do?
A letter of self-recommendation would be fine.
I understand that there is a 1,000-character limit on the research plan to be prepared for the application process. Is it all right to append more detailed information in the form of an attachment?
Since this is related to the evaluation of the applicant, we must ask you to keep your submission within 1,000 characters.
I have not graduated yet, so it is impossible to submit the certificate of graduation and the transcript of records by the application deadline. What should I do?
Please submit a certificate of expected graduation and an academic transcript of records current at the time of application. Please submit the final certificate at the time of admission.
I have not neither presented nor published any papers nor have any publications so far. Should I submit the overview of my work history?
In the case that you have not presented or published papers nor have any publications, a job description related to your research or desired research would be fine.
I was not assigned a bachelor's thesis in undergraduate school. In that case, what should I write on the "Overview of previous bachelor's thesis or master's thesis 【Form 4(A)】"?
Please describe a report corresponding to a bachelor's thesis, results of previous research, etc.
What is the ratio of successful to total applicants in a previous entrance examinations?
That information is not made public.
Will the research preferences I enter on the application form influence the opportunities open to me after admission?
The statement of preferences is for reference only, and will not influence your opportunities after admission.
Which of the application documents receives the most weight from the Admissions Office?
The Admissions Office makes an overall judgment based on the result of the submitted research plan and responses to interview questions.
I do not have a master degree. Would it be possible to apply for a doctoral program at IPS?
It is possible to apply if your application is in compliance with the regulations of this university and you are deemed qualified to apply for admission to IPS. For details, please consult the "Qualifications for Application" section of the Admission Guide. If you then have any questions, please inquire with the Admissions Office.
My background is in liberal arts. Do I need mathematical ability?
Although IPS is basically an engineering-oriented graduate school, many liberal-arts people enter to pursue studies related to information or management engineering. We accept outstanding people from a wide range of backgrounds, both in Japan and from overseas.
My major at the undergraduate school is not information,production or system LSI. Would it be possible to apply for IPS?

It is possible to apply even if your major at the undergraduate school is different from the research you would like to conduct at IPS.

AdmissionsScholarship Campus Life Course and Curriculum
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